Who we are

We Believe in Quality, Community, and Croissants That Are (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

It all started when longtime pastry chef Kurt Goddard set out to make a single batch of croissants on a whim.

Before long, he was pouring every spare minute into the recipe, testing and developing until he achieved the perfect dough; flaky and buttery, airy and crisp, elegant and wholly delicious. 

And he knew he couldn’t stop there.

Since 2017, Twisted Croissant has been reimagining the possibilities of croissant dough and providing handcrafted croissants, cruffins, and croissant donuts to Portland and the surrounding communities. 

We use quality local ingredients and draw on simple, nostalgic, and inventive flavor combinations to create pastries that are as tasty as they are beautiful.

Some say our products look too pretty to eat. But we think one bite will change your mind.